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Welcome to the Teach me in Twenty Podcast, The Podcast where everyone has a story to share and the lessons they’ve learnt along the way.

Designed for people who enjoy Podcasts but would like a short version.

Each week I’ll sit down and have a conversation with my guest, hear about their life, their work and learn from their experience.

It’s all about getting out and meeting people, because even a brief conversation can give you something worthwhile.

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I’m Karis Ryan your host and this is Teach me in Twenty.

Aug 16, 2019

In a world where camera technology is developing faster than we can keep up, professional photographer Ezra Alcantra shares why you should still invest in a professional rather than DIY. Learn tips and more in this episode of Teach me in Twenty!

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Aug 3, 2019

Comedy hypnotist and key note speaker Matt Hale shares how he helps his audiences unlock the power of their mind to accomplish their goals, or to overcome phobias and fears. Matt combines the fun of hypnosis in his shows and has helped people around the world take back control of their thoughts and their lives.


Aug 3, 2019

Ever wondered what it's like to have thousands of people screaming at you on stage?  Take 20 minutes out of your day and hear from drummer and member of the super successful Australian heavy-metal band Saviour, Michael Matta. Hear about the reality of life on the road, studio sessions, and even how the best still get...