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Two mics, a host who’s never the smartest in the room, and Twenty (ish) minutes.

From athletes, entertainers, sex therapists and experts in their field, Teach me in Twenty is the weekly Podcast that makes sure you never stop learning, one bite-sized podcast at a time.

Come with me as I get taught about anything and everything I’m curious about and prove that everyone you meet has something to teach you. 


Teach me in Twenty is the bite sized Podcast hosted by Karis Ryan.

Karis is from Perth, Australia and The Teach me in Twenty Podcast came about when she was looking for a Podcast that could fit her short attention span and thirst for knowledge. 

The Podcast is designed to give you a snapshot into a different topic each week, and for you to learn something new to grow that beautiful brain of yours. While also hopefully realising that everybody has a story and something to teach you. 

So sit back (or front) and enjoy hearing the journeys from people just like you. 

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